Pipe Bending

Allbend makes use of mandrel bending for our pipe bending services. This type of bending is designed to make tight radius bends with little or no change in the roundness throughout the bend as well as to keep the bend it self smooth with no internal wrinkling in the pipe.

Pipe is generally used to transport gases or fluid through it, so when designing, the internal dimension of the pipe is of importance so one can calculate the carrying capacity of the pipe. When it comes to bending the outside dimension of the pipe is important as the corresponding bending tool needs to be selected. When enquiring please send the dimensions including the the outside diameter and inside diameter of the pipe 

Allbend can bend pipe sizes ranging from 12.7mm OD all the way up to 50.8mm OD in round tube. (Larger sizes are coming soon. Please enquire)  We work with various types of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome moly to name a few and other types of material too. We have an extensive range of tools with varying CLR's (center line radius) but due to the expense of the tooling we, do not carry all. Please enquire as to the range of tooling we have. If we do not have the size you require we can have tooling manufactured for the customer to meet their requirements.

We offer one offs and prototypes (Setups and minimum charges apply) all the way up to large runs and contracts.

Take a look at out our gallery to get a better idea of what we do.

Example of pipe bending used in for furnace bellows