Professional Tube and Pipe Bending and affiliated services to the industry


Custom Welding

Allbend offer fabrication services to meet the design specs for you the customer. Manufacturing components and products for various sectors such as Mining, Automotive, Furniture, Shopfitting, Construction and more.

Complete fabrication services

Allbend offers services related to the light metals industry including guillotining, press brake bending, punching, tube swaging, welding and fabrication, machining and turning as well as various other services.

Tube bending of handles for pressure washers

Allbend makes use of mandrel type tube and pipe bending. This type of bending is designed to make tight radius bends with little or no change in the shape of the tube. We can bend round, square, oval, flat and various other shapes in materials ranging from Mild steel, Stainless and Aluminium

Ring rolling and Section Rolling

Ring rolling also known as section rolling or roll bending  is a bending process whereby the tube, angle, extrusion, section or solid is passed through a series of rollers to gradually form a large radius bend. Used for various products ranging from balustrading, structural and architectural applications, carports and more.

Aluminum Factory

Stockist of tube

We carry a selection of our most popular tube sizes at very competitive rates.